Government L.C.S. college,A.chowki organised guest lecture programs in various Departments

Government L.C.S. college,A.chowki organised guest lecture programs in various Departments

Education helps to us get an exposure to new ideas and concepts that we can use in the development of World around us and the world within us. It is very important in every aspect of our life. It is very important to build a culture of exchanging knowledge with other external experts whitin an organisation and also It is one of the important intellectual culture of organisation that any subject expert came and share about some knowledge and experience to the peer. 

Government L.C.S. college following such kind of culture since decade in the college to nurture a intellectual atmosphere among their students . So in  this continues action various Departments of Govt. L.C.S. College has been organising GUEST LECTURE PROGRAMME like Department of economics, Department of commerce,Department of history, Department of physics, Department of chemistry Department of mathematics and other department also sucessfully organised their program.

Department of botany organised Guest lecture program on 13 Oct. 2022 on principle , application and social implementation of bio technology. They invited Dr.Avadh kumar Srivastava , Assistant professor Govt. Danveer Tularam P.G. College,Utai. He presented his topic in very easy manner so that students can grab knowledge whatever he was dilivered. All faculties of Govt. L.c.s. College,A.chowki were there to welcome Dr. Srivastav 

Department of economics invited Dr. Vinod Sen as guest speaker from Indira Gandhi National Tribal University amarkanatak (M.P.). He is very talented, highly educated,cool mind with pleasant communication skill . He has delivered his lecture on the topic of "Research Proposal Writing"

Department of commerce organised program on 19 October 2022 and invited Dr. Toran lal verma , Assistant professor Commerce, L.S.S. College Manpur as guest speaker. He addresses students on Marketing stretagies of multinational companies in 21st century. He presented this topic by mixing humours and knowledge to attract student and to make lecture very interesting.

 Program started by worshiping of goddess Saraswati,guest welcome ,welcome speech and then program was concluded with the vote of thanks to everyone who help to make that program sucessfull like Dr. K.R. Mandavi,Principal ,Govt. L.C.S. College. Dr.Toran lal verma , guest lecture, O.P. Rana and J.R. parteti, Incharge of Department of commerce, Mayank Khandelwal,Harish Rawte, K.R. Rawte , Assistant professor History and other faculties and students were there.

Department of history organised program on 18 October 2022 on " ASHOK MOURYA" They invited Deepak Verma , Assistant professor ,Govt college ghumka. In this programme principal Dr. K.R. Mandavi, J.R. Parteti ,K.R . Rawte, girdhari verma ,Bhupendra Sahu and other faculties were there.

Recently Department of physics organised skill development programme for the Student of their department.They invited Lekha Prasad Urvarasa , assistant professor of physics as guest speake. Guest was welcomed by D.K.Banjare,Head of the department,J.R. Parteti, J.P. Surywanshi, K.R.Rawte ,S.K. dewangan and other Faculty members were present. 

Yesterday Department of chemistry has organized a Guest lecture Program which was full of knowledge informative. They invited Mr. Omprakash Verma,Assistant Professor of Chemistry in Govt. Nehru PG College Dongargarh. His topic was "Course outcomes and career in the field of chemistry. Overall it was career oriented guest lecture program which become so much productive for the Student. During the program all staff members were present to welcome the guest lecture such as Dr. Lahare sir, J.P.Suryawanshi sir, Meman sahu sir and other faculties were there.

In such a way this types of educational activities are organizing in Government L.C.S. College. It's basic aim is to provide varities of knowledge and give varities of experience of different subject expert to the students says Mr. O.P. Rana , Assistant Professor and Head of Department of Economics. He also said that everyone in College either staffs or students everyone is giving their best to the College for its development.