5G TECHNOLOGY : India has launched fitfth generation technology.

5G TECHNOLOGY : India has launched fitfth generation technology.

Prime minister Narendra Modi gave a Dashhara gift to the indian citizens by launching 5G cellular device technology .Before that we have 4G LTE technoly which was introduced by jio in 2016 when jio sim was launched people were crazy to buy their service .

People started diffrent experience of calling people shifted voice calling to video calling . downloading speed was also better then 3G technology. Now 5G technology has launched so when device which is related to 5G would launch then definitely people's craziness would be top on the sky.

Let's understand what is this generation technoly so this is cellular technology in 1990 firs cellular device was introduced that was the first generation technology that time speed was so much slow as compared to now and also that was so much costly normal people can no to be afford that time but rapidly technoly has been changed with the blink of an eye journey of 1G to 5G has been completed but it will not be end .

Due to 5G generation technology life style and living experience will be completely change its scope will be wider ,downloding and uploading speed both will be increase and perform 100 time faster then 4G tech devices.

Due to 5G technoly smart cities ,smart home can be build only through smart phone we can control and oprate our house ,car and another device . It's latency will be less, security and regulation in technoly will be improved 

So lots of benifits will be arise due to 5G technoly but we know that every innovations hacmve their own prose and cons ,advantages and limitations.5 G technoly have such advancement may be this will used by cyber crimainals as weapon to operate their illegal activities this all cons should be notified by government and do arrangement for the better security and regulations.